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Visit NAR's Page for lots more info, HERE the classes are also listed below:

Building Blocks: Growing Your Leadership Skills(link is external) Format: Online/Self-paced Duration: 4 hours

Gain a foundation of the principles of leadership and develop practical skills.

Road Map: Advancing Your Leadership Journey(link is external) Format: Online/Self-paced Duration: 4 hours

Determine effective leadership strategies through tried and true tactics for REALTOR® association leadership.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Course(link is external) Format: Online/Self-paced Duration: 4 hours

This will provide REALTOR® volunteer leaders with a better understanding of the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as an introduction to some of the social psychology that makes it either easier or harder to live out DEI.

Vision Course: Executing Your Leadership Vision Format: Instructor-led/Interactive Duration: 8 hours

Create a strong vision and a well-informed strategy to lead your REALTOR® association.

  • Courses will be offered by NAR in 2022 on March 30 (virtual), August 7 (Chicago, IL), and November 9 (Orlando, FL).

  • Register now for the November 9 in-person session with instructors Elizabeth Mendenhall, Ron Phipps, and Steve Francks here(link is external).

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